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Second Home

by Joseff Williams

“Second Home” tells the true stories of three people who came to Swansea as asylum seekers: Amber, Bie and Otis. Told in words and photographs, their stories ask you to imagine being in their situation.

Stories from Swansea

Listen to stories for children, told by people from Swansea, in some of the 200 languages spoken here. With English translations … and animated artworks, all by Swansea people too!

All proceeds go to Swansea Asylum Seekers Support

New Releases From Hafan Books

Refugees Writing in Wales

By People Seeking Sanctuary

Poetry, stories and essays written in Wales by people seeking sanctuary from wars and persecution, side by side with writing by others from Wales.

#1 Between a Mountain and a Sea (2003)

#2 Nobody’s Perfect (2004)

#3 Soft Touch (2005)

#4 Gwyl y Blaidd – The Festival of the Wolf (2006)

#5 Fragments from the Dark (2008)

#6 Are You Happy With That? (2013)

#7 My Heart Loves in My Language (2017)

Boiled String Poetry Chapbooks

Experimental poetry from Wales

Boiled String is edited by Professor John Goodby.

#1 Six of Clubs

by Childe Roland (2011)

#2 There’s Only the Dance

by David Barnett (2011)

#3 Mynydd

by Rhys Trimble (2011)

#4 Trees (2012)

by Childe Roland

#5 Bitch Dust (2012)

by Steven Hitchins

#6 Chroma (2012)

by Graham Hartill

#7 Thy Mine (2013)

by William Shakespeare, tr. by Tom Cheesman, Ulrike Draesner, Olive Ond

#8 Flower Angel Ship (2013) by Jörg Bernig

#9 Stars (2015)

by Childe Roland

#10 Çekoslovakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmısınız or Long Words (2015)

by Nia Davies

#11 Teint for the Bièvre (2016)

by Zoë Skoulding

#12 Zodiac (2018)

by Rhys Trimble

13# Grandiloquent Wretches (2020)

by Rhea Seren Philips

And More… Some Best Selling Hafan Titles

Hiraeth Erzolizoli

by Eric Ngalle Charles

The Sand Garden

by Humberto Garcia

Revolutionary Dreams: From Chile to Wales

by José Cifuentes


by Eric Ngalle Charles

Personal Things and the Rest

by Edin Suljic

Perilous Kinship

by Zafer Şenocak

Fragments: Transcribing the Holocaust

by Frances Rapport with Anka Bergmann, Terry Farago and Edith Salter

Local Therapy

by Soleïman Adel Guémar

Zola’s Story

By Zola Gidi

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