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Imagined Invited

Edited by David Greenslade, illustrations by Mark Sanders.

“A mind-enhancing project, this text and image dialogue is a new sublime Conference of the Birds, which drives us into areas where revolt is synonymous with the marvellous.” Michel Remy (author: of Surrealism in Britain)

‘Fruit surprises the garden’ when 20 poets and artists from seven countries invite their imagined guests (always including one from Wales) to a Surrealist party inspired by André Breton. Each party poem receives an outrageous response from the dissection table of Mark Sanders: 24 glorious full-colour collages to play tricks with your mind. A mercurial feast of word and image, verse and the visual. Cut-up and cut-up. Veteran Surrealist Desmond Morris (of Naked Ape fame) joins the next generations of révolté writers: Luminita Amarie / Jean Bonnin / Neil Coombs / David Rees Davies / Roxana Dumitrache / Jonathan Edwards / Sarah Glaz / Tim Grant / David Greenslade / Steven Hitchins / Doru Mihai Mateiciuc / David Nadeau / Rhea Seren Phillips / Brian Purdy / Dagmar Stepankova / Rhys Trimble / Christopher Twigg / Nerys Williams (from Romania, Canada, Ireland, France, the Czech Republic, the USA and especially Wales).

On Sale: 21/10/2020


Publication Date: 21/10/2020

ISBN: 9781916044241

Category: Poetry

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About the Authors

DAVID GREENSLADE is a prize-winning essayist, poet, novelist, frequent collaborator with visual artists, curator of contemporary Wales Within Surrealism exhibition Gogoneddus Ych-a-Fi / Glorious Disgust (2018) .

MARK SANDERS creates collages and ceramics as a diversion from and a reaction to the real world. His work has featured in international exhibitions, Poetry Wales and the surrealist periodical Peculiar Mormyrid. Imagined Invited is his first major collaborative exchange.

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