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by William Shakespeare, tr. by Ulrike Draesner, Tom Cheesman, Olive Ond

Shakespeare’s Sonnets are about sex, pro/creation, writing-as-immortality. Punning is a principle: words, springing off-springs, and spellings spell the dead alive again.

News of Dolly the cloned sheep broke in 1996. Ulrike Draesner (celebrated feminist German author, performer, artist) re-translated a selection of the Sonnets into a near-future post-reproductory scenario. The man or woman, the woman, the other man, are they ‘natefacts’ or ‘artefacts’? Am “I” self, or my own other, or author? Metre distorted. Rhymes cracked. “Will-ful misunderstanding,” she called it.

Tom Cheesman translated 17 of Draesner’s poems back into English the same way. Thy, mine, thine? Thymine: the difference between RNA and DNA.

Isn’t DNA and backwards? What makes us us, is a copula. Till copulation’s past.

(Olove Ond? Less said the better. Anagram of Do No Evil. Sonnets GoogleTranserialated.)

On Sale: 20/02/2013


Format: 210×210, 46 pages

Also published by the Taylor Institute, Oxford, 2016.

Boiled String Poetry Chapbooks

Experimental poetry from Wales

Boiled String is edited by Professor John Goodby.

#1 Six of Clubs

by Childe Roland (2011)

#2 There’s Only the Dance

by David Barnett (2011)

#3 Mynydd

by Rhys Trimble (2011)

#4 Trees (2012)

by Childe Roland

#5 Bitch Dust (2012)

by Steven Hitchins

#6 Chroma (2012)

by Graham Hartill

#7 Thy Mine (2013)

by William Shakespeare, tr. by Tom Cheesman, Ulrike Draesner, Olive Ond

#8 Flower Angel Ship (2013) by Jörg Bernig

#9 Stars (2015)

by Childe Roland

#10 Çekoslovakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmısınız or Long Words (2015)

by Nia Davies

#11 Teint for the Bièvre (2016)

by Zoë Skoulding

#12 Zodiac (2018)

by Rhys Trimble

13# Grandiloquent Wretches (2020)

by Rhea Seren Philips

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By Lily Evans

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