Grandiloquent Wretches Release

October saw the release of Rhea Seren Phillips’ incredible Grandiloquent Wretches, a daring exploration of the Welsh metrical tradition in English.

With our virtual book launch set for December, it’s been an exciting few months for Rhea and Grandiloquent Wretches. Rhea has also been working to expand her poetry beyond the page, recording several voice-overs and a YouTube video to showcase her work.

Check out ‘Taradiddle’ below:

As the 13th and final volume in the Boiled String Poetry Chapbooks, Grandiloquent Wretches is an explosive finale to John Goodby’s series. Rhea and Hafan were also the focus of Issue Five of the Indie Insider, highlighting the work that Hafan does as well as drawing attention to Rhea’s upcoming book launch.

Grandiloquent Wretches is AVAILABLE NOW from Hafan Books.

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My name is Lily. I’ve been working alongside Tom Cheesman, one of Hafan’s founders, to produce this website and create a presence for Hafan online. I’m a 21 year old English graduate and book blogger, and I’m very excited to bring you this website. There are a lot of exciting things happening at Hafan in the coming months, not least the launch of Rhea Seren Phillips’ explosive Grandiloquent Wretches this October.

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