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Autumn 2021. Alhaji Sheku Kamara‘s third collection with Hafan Books. “These poems belong to no political party / They have no political affiliation / They should not be quoted or recited by politicians / To gain or score political points / These poems are the people’s poems / The poet is not a politician’s poet / But the people’s poet.”

Alhaji laments war and injustice in his beloved Sierra Leone and around the world, but (in the words of Gaskin Sanghor Faa-Suku) “the Phoenix symbolism shows the poet is optimistic that our country will rise from all those vices. And his love poems tickle as the poet’s heart skips a beat to his queen!” — Alhaji Kamara takes readers on an adventure in art, politics and love. Warning – the poems contain Krio, reggae, rap and dancehall!

ISBN 9781916044265

£4.99 from

Autumn 2021. Martin White presents 45 song texts in search of voice and music, a selection from many more he has written over the years. The songs all have working melodies: they just need somebody to bring them to musical life. Martin is active in the charity Butterfly Conservation, and a longstanding volunteer with the award-winning Oxfam Bookshop, Castle Street, Swansea. Sales of this book (like all Hafan Books) raise money for Swansea Asylum Seekers Support.

ISBN 9781916044210

£5.99 from

By tomcheesman

used to work at Swansea University (Wales, UK). Publisher: Hafan Books ( Translator of fiction and poetry from French and German.

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